Possible trojan files

Note: If you are not a licensed user, before you do anything else, please make sure that you have updated to the latest ruleset per the instructions at http://www.misec.net/trojanhunter/updating/. This is to ensure that you don't email us files which are already detected by the latest ruleset.

Please do not email us files unless you have run a full scan with the latest ruleset update. Emailing us files that are already detected will just waste everyone's time.

If you get an alert about one or more "Possible trojan files" being found that indicates that the Advanced Trojan Analyzer has spotted files that it considers suspicious and that could be trojans. TrojanHunter does not automatically clean possible trojan files since there is a chance they could be legitimate files. Instead, please proceed as follows:

Privacy Statement

The following information is sent to us when you use the Submit File feature: Your name and email address (so that we can get back to you with the results of the analysis of the files), your TrojanHunter scan report (if the "Include scan report with file submission" box is checked) and the files you have selected for submission. No other information is sent.