Rule file directory

TrojanHunter stores its rule files in a directory referred to as the "Rule File Base Directory". When you install TrojanHunter, this directory is set to the same directory as the one that contains the TrojanHunter.exe file. You can however change this directory on the Options page of the scanner by altering the option "Rule file base directory". This setting is then stored in TrojanHunter.ini under the section [Paths],RulesDir. You can manually edit TrojanHunter.ini if you prefer to change the setting this way. Note that the new rule file base directory setting does not take effect until you restart the Scanner and Guard.

Tip: You can set the rule file base directory to a network share or mapped folder using either a mapped folder name or a UNC path.


This sets the rule file base directory to the folder "TrojanHunter" on server "SERVER". The next time TrojanHunter starts it will load its rules from this folder.