TrojanHunter Guard

TrojanHunter Guard is the resident monitor included with TrojanHunter. TrojanHunter Guard actively monitors your computer's memory, and will notify you if any trojans manage to start up on your system, in which case you will also be given the option to remove them. It uses the powerful memory scanning engine, and can thus detect trojans even if they have been packed with executable packers such as UPX, ASPack, etc.

TrojanHunter Guard has the following options, which can be enabled or disabled by checking or unchecking the appropriate checkbox:

Automatically remove trojans
When enabled, any trojans that are detected in memory are automatically removed without any user intervention. A dialog box informs the user which trojans have been removed.

Load on startup
When this checkbox is checked, TrojanHunter Guard is automatically started with your computer. It is recommended that you enable this option.

Scan all modules
Controls whether TrojanHunter Guard scans for trojan modules that have been injected into other processes. It is recommended that you enable this option.

If not checked, the Guard is NOT ACTIVE and will NOT scan for trojans. You should keep this checkbox checked at all times.