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TrojanHunter is a powerful application designed to detect and remove trojans. With its unique scan engine capable of searching every hiding spot on your computer for trojans, you can be assured of having the most advanced trojan protection available.

What is a Trojan?

Over 3000 years ago, the besieged city of Troy fell as the Greeks used a clever trick to get a wooden horse into the city. The horse was presented as a gift and brought into the city of Troy, where it remained until nightfall. In the darkness with no one around, hidden Greek soldiers emerged from the belly of the horse and opened the city gates. The Greek army returned from nearby hiding and conquered the city. Today, remote access trojan horse programs plague Internet users and enterprises as they are used by malicious persons to gain total and unrestricted access to computer systems and networks. Using a trojan, it is possible for an adversary to do any of the following:


TrojanHunter is a highly engineered program capable of searching your system thoroughly for any sign of a trojan horse. Unlike other trojan scanners, TrojanHunter will not only scan files, but will penetrate into every conceivable place where it is possible to detect a trojan: